The City : The Keys (on


Have you ever been delighted in another dimension? Can you describe this experience? Was it a trip to the depths of your being, or were you literally teleported to it? No one knows it and maybe you do not even know it … You are certain of having experienced something. This kind of event that arises in our daily life can not leave us indifferent.

Now, if I told you that other people know how to return … would you be ready to know their secret?

The story plunges us into the heart of a France not as peaceful as it looks, in the city of Angers. You will discover the initiatory journey of the young Lael and the upheavals that will affect those around him. Behind what they perceive, in a kingdom that seems improbable, are preparing many mysteries that will surpass them. Will they grasp what is being played?

Will you take part in this trip?